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There's ministry, and there's The Ministry. We always knew that. 

Now we're learning it again....

October 12, 2017—a Thursday—a network of peers, mentors and sages gather to tell stories, ask questions, and connect with others who are redeeming, reclaiming, and reframing the M word.

I Can Give You 1000 Words.

I Can Give You 1000 Words.

That was my offer to Pastor Bruce Logue when I invited him to present at Hack The Ministry in Seattle.

When you're accustomed to speaking every week for 40 years that offer could sound like an insult.

Which is exactly why I invited Bruce to take on the 1000 Word Challenge - He's not a Diva, He's not into himself, He's not high maintenance. He loves Jesus for real.

Up until 15 years ago Bruce and Bev followed a very traditional church career path.

He had a solid congregation, He was well paid. His church didn't want him to leave but leave he did. Bruce decided that following Jesus was more interesting and ultimately more important than taking the safe path, so at the age of 58 he and his wife packed up and head for Central California to plant a new church. 

I'll leave the rest of the story for Bruce to tell but suffice it to say it has some fascinating twists and turns.

I am so honored to have Bruce and Bev as friends. They make me look good when they stand next to me

Bruce has the unique distinction of pastoring a small church that has nevertheless established an big footprint in their city of Merced

Check out what Bruce managed to communicate in just 1000 words 

He knows how to make a big deal out of very little. 

— Jim Henderson