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There's ministry, and there's The Ministry. We always knew that. 

Now we're learning it again....

October 12, 2017—a Thursday—a network of peers, mentors and sages gather to tell stories, ask questions, and connect with others who are redeeming, reclaiming, and reframing the M word.


David Kinnaman

David Kinnaman is the author of the bestselling books Good Faith, You Lost Me and unChristian. He is president of Barna Group, a research and communications company that works with churches, nonprofits, and all sorts of businesses.

Since 1995, David has directed interviews with nearly a million individuals and overseen hundreds of U.S. and global research studies. 

Dave sends regrets that he can't be present at Hack the Ministry. But he offered to sit down with Jim Henderson for a video conversation about the current state of “ministry.” We’ll screen a segment of that interview, focused on how Bible Schools and Seminaries are responding to a shrinking number of applicants, and his own  attention to the growing number of non traditional ministry practitioners.