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There's ministry, and there's The Ministry. We always knew that. 

Now we're learning it again....

October 12, 2017—a Thursday—a network of peers, mentors and sages gather to tell stories, ask questions, and connect with others who are redeeming, reclaiming, and reframing the M word.


You Can't Come to Hack The Ministry - But You Wish You Could (It’s not the money it’s the time)


You Have Better-than-the-Real-Thing, Off The Map Memories from Back in the Day


You Know Someone Who Has Time but Maybe Not the Money to Attend Hack the Ministry


Send Your Friend to Hack the Ministry and We’ll Send an Off the Map T Shirt, with Your Name - That’s Right, Your Name - Right on the Envelope.

We’re looking for people who won’t come to Hack the Ministry unless you send them … maybe because they’re poor but honest folk who don’t have a lot left over after they pay the rent … or because you’re one of the few who know they’re paralyzed over what they could and/or should do in the world ... or maybe just because they don’t know what you know about the crowd gathering in Seattle on October 12 to Hack the Ministry.

Honestly, if you want to come but don’t have the time, such a person will be doing you a favor.

"Hey, there’s this thing I want to go to, but I’m tied up. Can I send you in my place, and then get with you afterward so you can tell me about it?"


This thing is running mostly on our back pockets and the kindness of friends. So, we don’t have lot of money to throw around; but we do have these brand-new-right-out-of-the-box, Off The Map T Shirts. And when we say right out of the box, we mean they have been mellowing in state-of-the-art cardboard containers beneath the floorboards of Jim Henderson’s glow-in-the-dark bumper sticker manufacturing complex and paint storage facility.

These shirts are fresh as a daisy: Never worn! Never been through a flood or plague. They were just never sold, is all.  Now we have come to understand this is because their time had not yet come.

Each shirt sports that cool Off The Map embroidered logo that meant so much to so many, plus one of several cool Off The Map slogans like…

"Off The Map Live!"
"Free Jesus” (Henderson's favorite)
"Do What’s Doable" 
"Helping Christians be Normal Since 2001” (Mark Driscoll’s favorite)

Unlike many "off the rack" T shirts, our Off the Map shirts come in Small, Medium, Marge and Extra Lars. They look something like this - but bigger and made of cotton:

Nice, huh? If you find a nicer T Shirt than these rascals, you should buy them up, put them in a box beneath your floorboards, and wait for the fullness of time.

Nice, huh? If you find a nicer T Shirt than these rascals, you should buy them up, put them in a box beneath your floorboards, and wait for the fullness of time.

Heres the Deal...

Sponsor 3 people for $99 and we’ll send you the T Shirt of "your" choice 

Sponsor 1 person for $49 and we’ll send you the T Shirt of "our"choice ☺ (or your's if there are enough to go around) 

And, hey: if the shirt doesn’t fit — if you grew in stature to become Extra/Extra Lars since last we met (mostly muscle, we’re sure) — you can frame that shirt! Right? Or give it to someone you know who wants to look reliably cool and modestly spiritual at one and the same time.

Jim Henderson’s 3-Step PATH to Get thE T Shirt You know you Want.

  1. Get yourself to www.hacktheministry.com and buy a ticket for one or up-to-three people

  2. Send me a note at jimhpresents@gmail.com and tell me you're giving your ticket to sponsor someone else. [2.5. If you know someone you want to send, tell me their name - if you just want someone to be at Hack the Ministry, even if you can’t, we’ll find someone in your name.

  3.  Wait by any mailbox in North America, Scotland, or the Cook Islands and the shirt will be along directly. And whose name will be on the envelope? That’s right; your name.

Sizes are limited so get yours while you can. This offer good while supplies last. 

HACK the MINISTRY + SEATTLE + OCTOBER 12, 2017 + 10a - 10p




January 2007, I was late.  Our first meeting and I’d gone to the wrong Starbucks.  I called Jim’s cell, “I’m on my way, I’m sorry.  I went to the wrong one.”

“No problem.  I’m here.”

I found Henderson sitting at the back, sipping his habitual tea. I was trying to get him to be my field advisor at Seattle U. He said he’d think about it.  We started talking about “the church”. Both of us had recently exited, but we hadn’t left – not completely. I asked him some mega question about “the future of the church”. He smiled and said, “Jeff, I don’t know about that, but I can save you ten years.”

A decade later, he has saved me 10 years. I’m still in ministry but not very much of it is in church.  Jesus found me at Spring Street International School – a liberal, non-traditional 6-12 grade school that takes trips. I’ve gone from starting a Christian classical school to teaching World Religions and Cultures at Spring Street.  

I’ve flirted with ‘full-time ministry’ over the years, but that dog’s never hunted. Ministry – intentionally partnering with Jesus to influence my world – that still matters. Maybe more than ever.  It’s continued to matter to Jim too.  Since that first Starbucks meeting, he’s shown me what counts and obsessively introduced me to others doing “ministry” themselves. Hack the Ministry is a chance for all of us to be introduced, to share how Jesus influences our worlds – wherever those worlds happen to be.

Most of us haven’t given up on meaning, we still believe that Jesus is a worthy partner.  Some of us still go to church, but balancing meaning and money? Wondering if what we’re doing, where we feel Jesus, if that counts? Many of us are there. Hack the Ministry is a place for the real deal – not optimism, not a pep rally, just mentors, sages and fellow Jesus-partners learning from each other.